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Traveling With A Disability

Hey everyone! Any plans to travel? Go on a cruise? Many people travel during this time going on trips for family vacations, exploring different parts of the world, and experiencing a variety of cultures. This makes for great memories. Lots of planning goes into taking trips whether it's in the country you are from, or you plan to travel abroad.

A lot of planning has to go into that. From the place (s) you want to go to hotels, restaurants, and even activities. However, today not much can keep you from exploring the world and all its beauty. When a digital consultant reached out to me and told me about their travel guide for people with disabilities and wanted me to share it with my readers, I thought this would be awesome! has come up with a thorough and very informative guide for traveling abroad with a disability. The guide offers helpful information, such as:

  • Travel tips and useful accessibility information for persons with various disabilities.

  • Advice on what to pack, transportation accessibility, and where to seek medical or emergency help.

  • Accessible travel recommendations and destinations specifically catering to the disabled.

That's not all though it is so much more, really a one-stop travel guide. You can even find the most accessible spots from Amsterdam to Seattle. Feel free to check the guide out below: Traveling Abroad with a Disability

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