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Still Rollin' (Book Review)

Name of Reviewer: Tiffany Johnson - Owner/Creator of Uniqueli MADE

Title: Still Rolling

Author: Tony "Trev" Baker

A brief synopsis: In Trev's book he documents the ups and downs of his day to day life. Moments and events before and after his 40th birthday, in each moment he encouraged and motivated others. As well, as overcoming obstacles and doing things he himself thought he never would. Trev shared, a trip he had taken with the organization he works with called S.A.N.D (See Ability Not Disability) where they had taken kids caving, ziplining and more. He found himself at some point having to sit out on the activity so he gave the others encouragement and let them know they could do it. He also shared his love for sailing and doing for the first time alone, then again with his close friend and his father. Reading that I got anxious and excited lol. He is definitely proving to be still rolling through life despite the odds.

Everything wasn't always the best because he had issues with his wheelchair for quite some time until he could get a new one. He also lets us in on the negative side of life with an SCI. You know, having to depend on others most of time isn't always the best experience. Other than that, Trev also speaks on mentoring, cryptocurrency, traveling, physical therapy, and his continued hopes and dreams for the future.

Favorite part of the book: My favorite part of the book was when Trev got to sail for the first time alone and the sail was too tight and the wind caused the boat to almost capsize. This was the most nerve wracking part of the book because it was so unpredictable and scary, but Trev found it in him to turn the situation around.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, I would not only to other people with disabilities but to everyone because it is a great book and will definitely motivate many.

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