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Advocacy - Meredith O'Connor

Hey everybody! Once again, I'm back with another blog post and today's post will be sort of an interview article? If that makes sense. A little over a week ago, I got the opportunity to sit and talk with Ms. Meredith O'Connor.

Now, if you are not too sure who I am talking about. Meredith O'Connor is a Teen Nick Star, Radio Hit Songstress, United Nations Celebrity Youth Activist, and a Anti-Bullying and Mental Health Advocate. She is only 22 years old and has dedicated her life and career to advocating against bullying, so much more. Meredith has been recognized as the Icon in Antibullying for the City of Los Angeles also.

UM: When did you know that advocating and raising awareness was turning in to more than you had expected?

MO: Well, I had began to advocate against bullying when I was 14, because as you know I got bullied a lot through my childhood. I knew it was going to be something maybe after my first song Celebrity went viral.

UM: Is there anything you want to speak about that you are raising awareness about?

MO: I'm just here to help bring awareness to the great work Daniel is doing with his foundation and Law firm. Type 1 Action is an amazing foundation helping lots of people get through their diabetes struggles, and Phelan law is helping each one of his clients fight the injustices they face.

UM: Okay, that's great! I know people are going to wonder. So, are you working on anything new? Upcoming projects?

MO: Yes, I have new music coming out. One song in particular is called "You Are Not Alone" it's a collaboration with me and other Nicklodeon and Disney stars. It's going to be great. I also have a new program I'm working on with the United Nations and my UN Advisor Margo LaZaro. So, look out for that!

UM: Thank you, so much for chatting with me. I really appreciate this opportunity.

Okay, everyone this is the end of the interview it is a paraphrased recount of what our phone interview went like. I hope you all enjoyed! To keep up with all the great things Meredith has done, and what she has coming check out and follow her social media





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