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Home Ownership With A Disability

Hey everybody, welcome back!! I hope everyone had an awesome summer. Today's blog post is about home ownership...disabled home ownership. This is a collaboration with The Simple Dollar. The Simple Dollar helps you with everything in personal finance from building and fixing credit, and loans to investing and banking. They want to help you improve your financial history for a better future.

Being independent is a major thing for people with disabilities. All we want in life is our independence so being able to drive, work, live on our own, and even own our own homes is an extraordinary accomplishment. Just like it would be for anyone else. As we all know the home buying process can be very long and tedious, but very rewarding in the end. It is the same process plus more for people with disabilities that want to be homeowners. The Simple Dollar has shared some facts and tips for:

  1. Financial Assistance

  2. HUD (Department of Urban Development)

  3. FHA (Federal Housing Administration)

  4. Habitat for Humanity

One of the first things to do before looking for a home or mortgage is to learn more about the typical home-buying process. There are many great resources available online, and you can consult an expert for more information, but in the meantime, let us take a quick look at the process.

  • Know your credit score and if it needs improving work on it.

  • Plan out what you are looking for and your budget.

  • Are you using your SSI/SSDI or not?

  • Check out your housing and loan rights. As well, as Reasonable Accommodations.

  • Learn about Anti-Mortgage Discrimination so you can recognize when/if it occurs.

All of this and so much more in The Simple Dollar guide Home Ownership for People with Disabilities so check it out. Also, take a look at Rocket Mortgage

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