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Get Back To Work...

Hey everybody!! Welcome back to Uniqueli MADE. October is a month filled with awareness from Breast Cancer to Spina Bifida. It is also National Disability Employment Awareness Month. It is a month to raise awareness of the employment ne

eds and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities.

Now, through years of fighting and raising awareness disability and employment has bridged a significant gap. The employment-population ratio for persons with a disability increased from 17.9 percent in 2016 to 18.7 percent in 2017. Although, this is amazing and shows how far we have come there's still so much more to do. The unemployment rate for persons with a disability was 9.2 percent in 2017, more than twice that of those with no disability (4.2 percent). It seems as though we are given so many tools, resources, and ways to become entrepreneurs that we shouldn't have a high unemployment rate. Yeah, I know right. I've said this many times, and it remains true, unfortunately. The tools and resources that they have in place to "help us achieve independence" have so many holes and red tape it is not worth trying.

About a week ago, I took the chance to try my luck at getting a part-time job because a little extra income could really help. Before I continue, these are my thoughts and experiences. I can and will only speak for myself. So, I don't even think I was really on an "official" job hunt because after so many roadblocks in the past I took a break, and put my focus back into my brand. Well, I checked my email one morning like I do every morning and I saw an email from this job board I joined a few years ago. It's called The Work At Home Woman all her blogs and job leads are 100% real. Opening this email I thought I'd just read it and not follow up or click any of the links but after reading it and seeing Amazon had openings for part-time Remote Seasonal Customer Service Associates something told me "Tiff, go for it!" I went immediately to Amazon and searched for a job. I found it, read the description and requirements, and prepared my resume. I filled out the application and attached my credentials then off it went. Usually, it would take a few days, probably a week or two to hear something back but I received a actual job offer in less than three days.

After, getting the job work began to make sure I had everything in order to start when they told me. Now, I knew I needed to call and talk to Social Security because I knew there would be consequences, so I needed to make sure I had a correct understanding. The following day, which was Monday I began calling. I called bright and early, as well as all day for two days until someone answered. I told the woman who answered that I was disabled and I have gotten offered a part-time job what is it that I need to do to make sure I'm covering all my bases with you all?

Without asking what form of benefits I receive she says, "you can just start working and then call to report your wages". Sound weird, right? I thought so too, but was thinking maybe regulations had changed I wasn't aware of. That's because she assumed I got SSDI benefits. Telling me that with the "Ticket to Work" program I would be able to work 9 months without it affecting my benefits. It would be known as a "trial work period". This would be perfect IF I received SSDI.

Wonder why there's a difference?? Stay tuned to my next blogs...

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