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Hi everybody! October is National Bullying Awareness Month. I came across a post on Instagram by rapper/actress Nicki Minaj who was applauding her fifth-grade teacher's son for making a statement and standing up against a bully. He himself was being bullied every day at school for months. He and his mother said enough is enough. They told the school, but unfortunately, nothing was done, and he got detention. Can you believe that?! One of his bullies lied and he got DETENTION. So, they took to social media to share his story.

Bullying has been happening for ages and with each passing year and generation, it gets worse. Especially with the advancement of technology and social media it's not just calling people names, and laughing at them anymore. There are three forms of bullying verbal, social, and physical. Cyberbullying is a fairly new type but it is becoming more common each day. With technology and social media we can now take pictures, videos, make memes and gifs. Constantly taunting and asking someone to relive humiliation. No one is perfect, we've all talked about someone and made jokes but sometimes things can go too far. Bullying does not have age or physical limitations. It is most common with school-age children, and teenagers, but can happen to young adults as well as adults alike in college or at work. The bully can be your fellow classmates, family, and even co-workers. Bullying happens when people/things are different, or want to "fit in" instead of learning to accept the differences out of fear people rather humiliate and harass others to make themselves feel better.

This is not the way to go! If bullying becomes too severe and the victim feels so low that they begin to think they're worthless, or the world is better off without them; they may begin self-harm, suicide attempts, or worse. Many people especially young kids and teenagers have taken their lives because they were being bullied, and felt alone. This has to stop! We must learn to be kind, positive, and uplifting to others. A lot of times everything may seem normal with a person, and you won't know or be able to tell. So, if you know or see someone going through this be a listening ear. Let them know that you care and that they're not alone. Persuade them to tell someone, or you tell someone for them. If you think they may harm themselves or someone else call the police, or the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. For information on bullying and how to prevent or stop it go to

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