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Accessible Vehicles with Freedom Motors

Hey everyone!! Today's blog post is in collaboration with Freedom Motors Inc. Now as disabled people independence is a huge goal we all want to live, do, come and go freely. So driving is a big deal for all of us.

Whether you have become disabled from an injury or birth. Driving is one thing we look forward to. We research and find out everything we need to do. Talking to our doctors, doing evaluations, every few minutes we're online looking at websites researching hand controls, modifications, and vehicles. Thinking about all of our options like price range, financing, what type of vehicle is best, and types of modifications that may be needed. When all of this is figured out companies like Freedom Motors do the converting of the vehicle you choose. Freedom Motors Inc. has been converting for wheelchair accessibility for over 20 years.

Being the first to introduce the rear-entry wheelchair van to the U.S. in 1987 they kept their focus on innovation and advancement creating a variety of wheelchair-accessible vans and other vehicles that cater to each individual customer's personality. So, along with their wheelchair van products, which include Toyota Sienna and Dodge Grand Caravan models, the Honda Element with the Freedom Motors USA X-WAV Conversion (Xtreme Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle), the Chrysler PT Cruiser Rider/Driver/Convertible, and the accessible Scion XB, and more they have helped change the face of mobility.

Freedom Motors has its main office in Battle Creek, Michigan but they do have salespeople nationwide. They are committed to giving their consumers the best quality experience, independence, and total freedom. This is why they do house calls where they bring the vehicles to the customer no matter where they are.

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