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Welcome to Uniqueli MADE! This is a hub to provide personal and professional accommodations and resources to help millennials with disabilities live more independent lives.


Is this you?

Have you or someone you know with a disability ever had an issue with finding the right accommodations, or resources for any particular area in life?  Like employment, housing, or things in everyday life.

I'm Tiffany...

Proudly disabled and relentlessly determined, I'm Tiffany Johnson — a testament to tenacity. Earning my Associate of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media was only the beginning. I further deepened my expertise with a Certification in Disability Support and Awareness from the University of Pittsburgh. With over 13 years under my belt, I wear multiple hats: Certified Disability Support Specialist, Resource Liaison, Editor, Literary Consultant, and Podcaster. As the CEO and Founder of UniqueliMade, I'm passionate about disability advocacy, ensuring voices are heard, and stories are shared. Together, we redefine abilities.

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What I Can Help With

1. Accessibility tools

 2.  Job interview prep         

3. Personal development

4.  Professional Development

5.  Accommodations

6.  Disability Housing

Currently on the blog


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